Cover story with Princess Maja von Hohenzollern in "Dialog Textil"/ Romania

The renowned Romanian trade journal "Dialog Textil", which appears in both a print and online edition, conducted a cover story with Princess Maja von Hohenzollern about her brand and collections, her economic view of potential markets, as well as her designs and her relationship to Romania.
Princess Maja von Hohenzollern has been travelling to Romania for many years and is active in various projects there. Besides her activities as a designer, Princess Maja von Hohenzollern has been active in the field of animal protection in Romania for many years. As a founding member of "Eduxanima" she has introduced animal protection lessons in schools and saved the lives of many street dogs..
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Engl. Translation:
1. You mentioned that you have built relationships and friendships in Romania. Can you elaborate?
I have been travelling regularly to Romania for many years and know the situation in the country well. I feel a historical connection with Romania through history, because Carol I. and Mihail I. Hohenzollern were once kings of Romania. However, the relationship with the people in Romania today is more important to me and I have very good friends there. I have been campaigning against the killing and for an improved situation of the stray dogs in Romania for many years and have adopted old street dogs from Romania myself. Together with my Romanian friends Dr.Carmen and Andra Arsene we have founded "Eduxanima" and within the framework of this educational project we have introduced animal protection classes at schools in Romania to educate children with empathy and love for animals. But I also see Romania's economic development as part of the emerging markets.

2. When did you become involved in design and home decoration, what is the story behind?
I have been a designer for 16 years and create under my license brand "Princess Maja von Hohenzollern" innovative products in the field of furniture, bathrooms, fittings, bathtubs, home decoration, carpets but also pet accessories and toys for children. The product range is constantly being expanded and I am always interested in creating new products and in new license cooperations. I would like to do home textiles, such as bed linen and also vegan shoes and handbags. I was awarded with the „Asia Design Award Gold“ as best designer in Shanghai/China..

3. What is the concept of your brands? Where do you sell them and what is the client profile?
My brand has a clear unique selling proposition, a great story and emotional, innovative products. I am an internationally known princess and I design stylish and modern collections with a royal attitude to life. This goes very well with many products, such as royal living, jewellery, clothing or children's products for little princesses. I design all collections with a lot of passion myself and develop innovative new product ideas, I am interested in sustainable materials and trends. Therefore my brand is very authentic and something from my personal life always flows into my products. As a female brand and as the real face behind the products, I address a broad international target group. My various product lines are successfully represented in 80 countries internationally in stationary and online trade.

4. You give your products a vegan feature, are you a vegan yourself?
How does the consumer respond to this, do you see a growing demand?
For many years I have been a convinced vegan and also a speaker on sustainability. That's why I also implement these two modern top topics of our time in my innovative products. Since I know the connections between factory farming, environmental pollution and famine in the world, I only have a vegan way of life. To produce only 1 kg of beef you need about 20,000 litres and 16 kg of grain and almost 2/3 of the world grain harvest is wasted on factory farming, while 878 million people in the world are starving.
The biggest C02 and methane gas polluters in the world are cattle and pigs from factory farming. However, all traffic - cars, airplanes, ships - accounts for only about 4% of global C02 pollution.
The vegan lifestyle is the fastest growing trend in the world and is finding its way into all areas of life, including furniture, clothing and cars. There are now such good vegan fabrics and materials that can be used for different products. If you don't recognize the vegan market with triple-digit growth rates in both sales and population growth in Europe and the USA, you have missed the signs of the times.

5. Where do you manufacture the products? Where do you see the main challenges?
My various products are produced in different countries from Germany, Eastern Europe, Turkey to Asia. It depends on whether it is furniture, porcelain, wood products, pets products or carpets. The biggest challenge for the future is to produce products at affordable prices that have an ethic towards people, animals and the environment.

6. Sustainability is on everyone's lips right now, but how can a brand be 100% sustainable?
Basically, plant based products have a better ecological balance than animal products. Sustainable packaging with biodegradable or recyclable materials are also an important topic, as well as C02-neutral production. Together with all measures, sustainable products can be designed.

7. Which one of your activities feels the most rewarding? Why?
I prefer to design interior products as well as animal and children's products, because you can bring in a lot of emotions and passion.

8. How is a day in the life of a princess and what advice would you give young girls?
Every day is different for me and full of work and activities. As an international designer and businesswoman, who also lectures on sustainability and still has her own foundation for saving stray dogs (www.heart4strays.com) , you are very busy. I also live with 11 dogs and 5 cats, all of whom have adopted from the street and from killing stations. I advise young girls to believe in their talents and abilities, to always remain true to themselves, to have principles and to courageously go their own way. They should lead a free, self-determined and independent life with equal rights and opportunities.

9. Which ones of your lines does best? Which market is the most promising in your opinion?
My Royal Bath Collection and my Living Collection, as well as my home decoration line "Chateau" with the finest porcelain, are doing very well and we also get a lot of inquiries for object furnishings for apartment houses or hotels. My children's products and pet accessories are going very well for many years. The most potential market is the Asian market. The Chinese like my brand because they appreciate my designs, quality and my innovative product ideas. In addition, they have appreciation for European nobility, castles and they are historically educated. That is why we are currently preparing to enter the Asian market in April 2020.

10. When will you launch a new collection and where do you find inspiration?
I have just finished my new Royal Bath collection for bathroom fittings, free-standing bathtubs and bathroom accessories with my licensing partner Bravat. There are stylish and modern fittings in gold and silver that also match my bathroom furniture. There are also design-related free-standing bathtubs in black or white.
I also designed a new Royal Household collection for smart household products, such as garment bags, travel organizers, luggage, brushes, floor mats with my partner Coronet. Both lines will be lauchend in May 2020. My new sustainable Royal Bath furnitures will come in Sept. 2020.
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17.02.2020 -
Photoshooting new collection/ interior

Over two days, a very professional team of photographers shot a new collection in the interior area of Princess Maja von Hohenzollern in a great location. The products will be on the market in summer 2020, then you will find out more :).
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TV production with Princess Maja von Hohenzollern on the subject of Game Changer

For a media campaign, Princess Maja von Hohenzollern stood in front of the camera and explained what it means to be a Game Changer and what qualities you need to be one.
https://www.linkedin.com/posts/princess-maja-von-hohenzollern-b8300321 princessmajavonhohenzollern-gamechanger-inspirepeople-activity-6633750666588237825-bbQs
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Princess Maja of Hohenzollern presents toy collection at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg

At the world's largest toy fair in Nuremberg Princess Maja von Hohenzollern presented her toy collection with pink construction vehicles for girls in cooperation with LENA/Simm Spielwaren.
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Princess Maja von Hohenzollern at the "German Film Ball" in Munich

Princess Maja von Hohenzollern visited the "47th German Film Ball" at the Bayerischer Hof in Munich. Important film makers, artists and actors met here in a festive setting. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern wore a dress by Elisabetta Franchi and had an animated conversation with Audi board member Hildegard Wortmann, film producer Alice Brauner and Michael Souvignier and others.
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16.01.2020 -
Princess Maja von Hohenzollern as guest at the "Ludwig-Erhard-Summit" at Tegernsee

Princess Maja von Hohenzollern was a guest at one of the most important economic congresses in Germany, the Ludwig Erhard Summit at Tegernsee. The most important leaders of the German economy and politicians met at the top event organized by Weimer Media. Current topics such as sustainability and digital transformation were discussed in interesting lectures.The list of participants was top-class from Prince Albert of Monaco, Friedrich Merz, Frank Thelen, Günther H. Öttinger and Marcus Söder. Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern also met women's power with Prof. Susanne Porsche, Christiane Göetz-Weimer, Ilse Aigner and others.
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Interview Princess Maja von Hohenzollern / Social responsibility/animal welfare

n the current interview for the magazine "LISA" special issue "Dog and Cat" Princess Maja von Hohenzollern reports about her long-standing commitment to animal protection and what her heart projects are. The interview was also published online by Mediaplanet.
Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is one of the most internationally renowned animal rights activists and has been honoured with numerous awards for her commitment to animals, e.g. "European Animal Welfare Award", "Wold Shining Heroine Award" (USA), "Freedom of Kenmare" (Ireland), "PETA Compassionate" Award, "Aachen Animal Welfare Medal", "Honorary Award City of Kiev" (Urkaine), Order of "Patron of the Century" (Russia), "PAWU" Award, etc.
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The network evening "EXECUTIVE NIGHT" took place at Lake Tegernsee/Germany and was attended by 50 top-class participants from the C-level sector, board members and managing directors as well as personalities from the worlds of culture and sport. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern was a guest at the event, which, in addition to a very interesting lecture on IT/Cyber Security, focused on networking at the highest level and added value through knowledge.
The event, organized by the Premium Leaders Club, Alexander Schungl, was attended by Günter Behringer (Audi), publisher Christiane Göetz-Weimer (Weimer Media Group), Bernhard Fragner (Globe Air AG), Andreas Türck (Türck Gmbh), Dr. Tanja Hacker (LIDL), Ewald Manz (Odgers Berndtson), Peter Oberegger (pm One AG), Michael Schlabitz (Ducati) and many others.
https://www.linkedin.com/posts/princess-maja-von-hohenzollern-b8300321 princessmajavonhohenzollern-stefanreining-activity-6601116222517985280-hEok
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Princess Maja von Hohenzollern attends Aids Gala at German Opera, Berlin

Princess Maja von Hohenzollern was a guest at the 26th festive opera gala for the benefit of the German AIDS Foundation in Berlin.
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Red Ivory/ Interview Princess Maja von Hohenzollern

Princess Majavon Hohenzollern in an interview about lifestyle, design and sustainability for Red Ivory Magazine.

Thank´s to Nina Vélez-Troya, CEO Founder & President, NVT Worldwide Enterprises Ltd.
Exquisit BCN / Red Ivory! for great interview.

https://www.linkedin.com/posts/princess-maja-von-hohenzollern-b8300321 princessmajavonhohenzollern-creativedesigner-activity-6586276535706112000-W-k8
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